Argentium Silver a particular silver recipe is more resistant to oxidation and containing a greater quantity of pure silver.

Argentium Silver is a registered trademark of Argentium International Limited which is composed of a minimum of 935 to a maximum of 960 parts out of 1000 of silver with the addition of germanium and a minimum part of copper.

It represents the natural evolution of the common 925 silver and although in Gf-Jewels jewels there is still the variant of “recycled” 925 Silver, the alloy that absolutely enhances, all the qualities of Silver is precisely Argentium Silver.

GF-Jewels Argentium Silver jewels are certified and guarantee the highest quality standards at a fair selling price.

What makes this precious metal so special?

  1. Argentium Silver is purer.
    Argentium is purer than conventional silver (925 or sterling silver). 
  2. Argentium Silver naturally responds to very high aesthetic standards.
    The rhodium plating of 925 silver is subject to wear over time and there is usually a tendency to protect silver jewelry by subjecting it to a galvanic bath and is used to give an illusion of greater purity to jewelry. Instead, Argentium Silver does not require any type of plating, as its natural light and brilliance is even higher than that of white gold.
  3. Argentium Silver is whiter and brighter.
    Argentium Silver is brighter and brighter than platinum, palladium, white gold and 925 silver. 925 silver has always been obtained by combining silver (925%) and copper (the remaining 75%). In addition to these elements, the patented formulation of Argentium Silver contains an additional ingredient called “Germanium”, this element creates a sealing and protective layer on the surface that slows down the oxidative process. Furthermore, germanium gives a whiter shade and a unique brightness to Argentium Silver
  4. High resistance to oxidation.
    Argentium Silver is the silver alloy that absolutely needs the least maintenance. Taking care of an Argentium jewel is really simple, you will need to follow some tips. In any case, it is always advisable, as with all precious metals, not to immerse jewelery in Argentium in chlorine-based solutions, then in the pool, or subject it to acid substances, such as soaps with a very high pH, ​​perfumes or chemical agents. It is possible to use the cloth that we give as a gift with our jewels, to polish it and eliminate dust residues, for the most difficult points it is suggested to wash them in a tub of warm water and neutral soap and proceed immediately afterwards to a quick drying.
  5. Argentium Silver is hypoallergenic .
    Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, Argentium is also suitable for those who cannot wear silver on the market. It is 100% nickel free, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  6. Argentium Silver is responsible.
    Argentium Silver is certified 100% eco-sustainable, as Argentium International Limited declares to use only recycled silver.